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Working to build a better web design

We are committed to customers success from start to finish. Our input helps make their solutions stand out from the crowd.

Quick Admin Service is a market leader in the digital marketing industry. In this digital era, a brand’s online presence could either make or break a brand. We understand this and dedicate our time to ensure each brand we work with not only enjoys maximum visibility but is simply impossible to forget.

For each of our client, we will work to ensure your brand tells the story your audience wants to hear and tell it in the best possible way. We don’t just work to improve your digital market but we build lasting relationships for your brand.

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What People Says

I had initially hired Girin and his team for a simple data entry job. Their competence and intelligence exceeded my expectations and prompted me to give them a long and important project which they completed well. I had communicated from the beginning that I expect they to do fantastic QC on their own work as my team is spread thin. They impressed me every time with turning in quality error-free work. I was also very impressed by the questions Girin asked to make sure the project is completed well. Perfect job all around!

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Niki Kahn

Kartik is always my first choice on Upwork. He’s really keen to help, is exceptionally organised, has great communication skills and is willing to work to UK hours. Everything is done well within the deadline given and always to a great standard with extreme care and diligence. I would highly recommend Kartik. He remains a valuable asset for outsourcing data tasks.

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Adam Beveridge

Kartik and his team made it very easy to do a complex data mapping project for an ecommerce store we were building. This is my third time working with him. He worked with us to create a template and format that was acceptable and then he performed the work. His work is very accurate and largely error free. Really appreciated the precision and will be working with him on more projects.

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Bob Agamalian

Let’s make something beautiful

Admin Services

Growing a business is tough. If you engage yourself in menial tasks, growth of a business takes a back seat. While repetitive and manual tasks keep a business up and running, keeping yourself engaged in these menial tasks does no good for growth of a business. Delegating work to staff members is a good way to save yourself and add to growth of a company or hiring administrative services agency. Quick admin service would be a great option for you. Administrative services include everything from data entry to web development, and everything a company requires to keep itself running. For entrepreneurs, it is a great way to save time from doing non-growth oriented work and focus on growth of a business while other work is taken care of. Some indispensable work such as content writing, web development, data entry, virtual assistance, and more can be outsourced easily through administrative service agencies. These are some of the common services offered by them.
About company

We are digital media agency

Search Engine Optimization

The process of a webpage to be visible to a search engine like on “Yahoo”, “Google”, “Bing” and more without payment is called SEO which is the short term for Search Engine Optimization. The responsibility of the SEO is to ensure that the website is visible in a search engine and to improve the possibilities for the site to appear on the search engine. As much higher the webpage appears on the search more visitors will have, so more visitors it has the longer and higher will be on the search. There are more factors that affect the higher appearance of the webpage on the search engine. Words – the words matter in a web page for example if someone searches for “flowers” and you the webpage has it too it will appear on the search; Titles – each page has an official title, which you may never see it because it is in the code; search engine gave a lot of attention to the code because it summarizes the page like title of a book; Links – how much the link of the page appears on different pages and the words that are in the link; Reputation – pages with fresh content and many quality links on it you may consider it like a rising star on the browse page.
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Social Networking Campaign

You can start a social network very easily these days, it can be private just for people that you choose or open so could anybody who wants to join. Why you need to start your own website? The good thing about opening a social network is a good source of money, it is a great way to make money. There are many social networks so you would need something unique and you need to have a group of people, a community, that you will be sure that will join the network. You should start something based to Facebook and MySpace and for that you will need a great freelancer to that hob but it is expensive. For a successful social network you need to focus for the look of the page to make it simple to use interesting but still unique. The best time to make your site it is overnight. If you want to speed up the process for getting more people to join your social network you will need to advertise the network. You have to choose the proper way and the proper sites to do that and to make the ad easily seen by the people.
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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce is an industry that the buying and selling product and services which are made with internet and other computer networks. It can be between two businesses or can be between customer-business, business-costumer. There are many questions regarding why do you need e-commerce and there are very simple answers. First of all it controls the full of stock and package calculation, payment services, the shop is going to tell you when to post something that you have made an order, out of stock, build invoices, receipts, mailing lists and in the end it will give you full statistics what is happening with the store. E-commerce is a system that is, it can be branded which means you can use the logos of your own, information and policies. The shop system allows to have employed to work on the site and can't access in the administrative function. There is a reward system in an online store which automatically awards costumers for what they have purchased so they can make points for further discounts. One of the best advantages is the usage. E-commerce can be used everywhere in the world and it's very easy it will update immediately from where you chose to work. The best specialty is to save time and to increase the growth to a maximum extend.

Mobile and Web Applications

Using a web app is application software that is installed in web browser and it is use for programming language like the combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Web application doesn't need any installation because is offered by the internet. One of the good things is that when using a web app the information is stored on the app service which means that a backup isn't needed. To use a web app an internet connection I only needed, so you don't need to be stuck on one computer, but you can access the web app on any other computer that ha online computer and can be used on mobile phones too. On the other hand, mobile app, it can be used for Smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The main point of a mobile app is to provide similar systems to mobile devices from PCs. More of them are small and have limited actions. The types of apps can be used for internet browsing, games, e-mail, social pages, videos and more. It gives easy internet access. For small business a mobile app is very useful for gaining customers, showcasing products and services, and you can make money with the app.

Logo Design

A good graphic can give many services done to promote a company or individual, one of those services are logo design. A logo is the face of the business, a good designed logo, which is catchy for the eye can make big positive outcome. They are very easily remembered especially if they are unique and interesting. A logo is a graphic mark or emblem by any type of business to promote instant public recognition. A great Logo design is the one that needs a lot of attention to it. Use other logos, but just to get you inspired. First of all the bases must be done, the paper and pen drawing, keep balance between the graphic, color and size. The size of the logo should be available in every possible size I order to be used for any king of publication. The colors should be pieced very carefully and it should suit the company. Typography matters, choosing the right font for the logo. It is one way that will make the logo unique. So when all of the elements are combined size, style, color, typography, and originality will give the logo different look from the others, so go easy and effective.

CMS Website Design

The meaning of CMS is a content management system, and that tells us everything we need to know it. So more better explained, it allows you to control and manage the content in the website. It provides you with an uncomplicated system for easy add, you can delete images, edit text very fast, and allows you to have unlimited pages and a search engine for the whole website. The best thing about CMS is that you only need a little experience Microsoft Word, no need to have programming or HTML experience. The editing can be made from any web browser from all around the world and even from an Iphone. You will need this because, just like many companies, to keep the website up to date, there are a lot of delays in order to get new content online. By using the content management system will reduce the calls you have to make for your web designer and IT department in order to change your website. One useful tip CMS, do I great research which one you are going to use because the main goal is to make the web management easy. When searching for CMS use these tips: • Simple administration interface • Quick and easy extension of CMS for extra functionality • Simple template manipulation • Helpful user community

Business Stationary Design

A Business card is a card that provides information about an individual or a company and it is very powerful single business or an individual. Many cards are usually traditional black text on white stock, but today a professional card is well designed. It is a single very powerful business tool, low-cost and low- tech, compact and energy-efficient. Not judging by the size business card, maybe small and but can make big things. The business card does: • Tells the name and the name of the business; • Provides a way to contact the person; • It gives another view of your work, personality and style; • I can be attractive, funny, unusual, but it sticks in the memory; • It is easily passed from one to another, so the same message • is given to every person that it comes in contact with. The card is efficient because it can be given to the person who you want to do business with and he will give the name to other people that he comes into contact with referrals. Make sure you have a card always with you and find a situation to give one. Keep an eye how many you have left before running out. A meeting can provide a chance to handle many of the business cards.
Teamwork Builds Trust
Creative People
Quick Admin Service~One-Stop solution for Digital Marketing girinprofile

Hello & welcome. I’m Girin Kakati Founder & CEO of Quick Admin Service , and it’s a pleasure to meet you! Over the past 3 years, I have worked with 100 entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Girin Kakati
Quick Admin Service~One-Stop solution for Digital Marketing kartikProfile min

I am the team leader of Quick Admin Service. I had managed all projects of my company from the beginning.

Kartik Kakati
Team Leader
Quick Admin Service~One-Stop solution for Digital Marketing Nilam min

I assists in all kinds of secretarial/administrative/virtual support work such as data entry, data conversion, word processing, database management, data scraping, standalone database, Social media marketing, applications and web related tasks.

Nilam Gohain
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Quick Admin Service~One-Stop solution for Digital Marketing bulu min

I have been working at Quick admin service from 2015 as Web research & Data entry and eCommerce Product entry specialist.

Bulu Baishya Deka
Data entry Assistant